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Halo 5 Has An Opening Cinematic & You Can Watch It Now

"1% of Halo 5 is Available Now & For Free"

Microsoft and 343 Studios have released a new trailer for Halo 5. But it isn't just a trailer. This is actually the opening cinematic for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive shooter. So I can confirm right here and now that Halo 5 has an opening cinematic. And you can watch it, right now.
The opening cinematic is filled with action, aliens and Nathan Fillion. But oddly it has no Master Chief. He is nowhere to be found in this opening cinematic. And assuming this is the whole thing, that is strange. But it seems like more and more that Microsoft and 343 Studios are trying to expand Halo 5 beyond the Master Chief. We will have to see if they are successful at that.
Halo 5 is releasing on October 27th 2015 exclusively for Xbox One. Click here to see gameplay of Halo 5 from E3 2015. 


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