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Halo Four Coming November 6th

There's been a new Halo game every year since 2009, and this year's installment, Halo 4, arrives right on schedule this November 6th.  This was announced on the Halo Waypoint today, complete with a video from the popular web series Red Versus Blue that reminds Spartans to "Remember to not Forget".

Fans of the series recall that the last we saw of the Master Chief was back in 2007's Halo 3, when he was returned to cryogenic sleep, bookending the trillogy, but still leaving room for more games as his derelict space craft drifted towards a mysterious planet.  What sort of amazing adventures await him there?  We'll have to wait until November to find out.

While the original developer, Bungie, has left the series, the new team, 343 Industries, is already set to deliver a full trilogy that just begins with Halo 4.  Player Affinity will have more coverage as the game approaches, and you can see more on the Halo website.


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