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Halo: Reach Announcement Arrives

Yesterday we were told we’d be receiving a “special Halo: Reach announcement” at an invite-only press conference in London, and now we know what it is.

According to CVG, a “Super Squad” of UK celebrities has been assembled to compete against the UK’s top Halo players.

Competitions will run until mid-August to find the country’s best Halo player, who will then go on to lead this “Super Squad”, which consists of: Rio Ferdinand (the soccer star), Jason Bradbury (the television personality), and Jamelia (the once-singer turned presenter). This team will go on to face the six runner-up competitors from next month’s competitions.

The names of the other celebrities expected to form the “Super Squad” are expected to be released later this week.

Fortunately since none of this information is really relevant to anyone outside of the UK, Microsoft also decided to bless us with this new, visually stunning Halo: Reach campaign trailer. Don’t lean too far over your keyboards though, you’re going to be drooling!


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