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Halo: Reach announcement coming Thursday

Last month, we were given a glimpse into Halo: Reach's campaign revealing never before seen features, a major one being space battles. Last week at Comic-Con, we were introduced to Forge World, the largest Halo map to date designed specifically with "Forgers" in mind. Well, it looks like tomorrow we're set to get even more.

According to CVG, Microsoft is set to release a “special” announcement this Thursday at an invite-only event in London regarding Halo Reach.

'England Football Captain Rio Ferdinand and The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury would like you to join them for a very special announcement this Thursday for the launch of highly anticipated entertainment blockbuster, Halo: Reach - out exclusively on Xbox 360 on September 14, developed by Bungie.'

So readers, what do you think this "special" announcement could be? Feel free to discuss in the comment section below!


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