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Halo Reach Legendary Edition Announced

Recently Bungie announced their new edition for Halo Reach. This being the super expensive Legendary edition. The collection will include the game (of corse), a 10 inch statue with the main characters, multiplayer armor, a journal containing info/documents of the history of the Halo universe, and a flaming helmet code for multiplayer. All this will be packaged in a futuristic looking black box that looks like it was taken right out of the game.

So, how much for this whole pack? Well, it can be all yours for the price of $149.99. Is it worth it? Well, as a fan of special editions of games I have to say I'm impressed. The figure alone looks great, and would probably be worth over $100.  Either way it's a great way to calibrate what is said to be the end of the Halo series. If you have the cash I'd head to your local game store or hop online, and get your copy now while they last.


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