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Halo Reach Multiplayer

A few weeks ago a video was released of the Halo: Reach multiplayer and it was in short, awesome.  However, they gave very little detail about everything they showed till now, Bungie has released some information about things to come in the new Halo game coming out this fall.  For the whole story go to Bungie for all of the details but here we’ll give you a quick over view of what they said.

First of Elites are actually different than Spartans, they are faster, bigger, have a stronger shield and have the ability to evade (I’ll go into detail about that later).  So how does this work?  Seems like everyone would pick the Elite over the Spartan, and while Bungie hasn’t given detail about how the Elite vs. Spartan will be they said it will mainly be Spartan vs. Spartan and Elite vs. Elite.

Another big change to Halo’s style of play is that the player will be able to pick a load out before each round, just like Modern Warfare 2.  However, it seems once you pick your class you’re sticking with them for the entire round.  They said that power weapons, such as sniper rifles and rocket launchers, will still have to be found on the map  but they did say that “though if circumstance warrants it, we certainly can start you with, say, the Rocket Launcher.”  This means they could very well create game types that require Rocket Launchers from the start.  Each load out comes with two weapons and an armor ability.  These abilities are kind of like the equipment in Halo 3 but different and can’t be found on the map, as far as we know for now.  Each one has their own power and can recharge over time.

The Armor Lock makes you invincible for a short amount of time, making grenades, bullets, and lasers do no damage to you.  This can also destroy a vehicle that tries to splatter you, causing for some very interesting gaming moments.  The down side to this? Well you can’t move so once it’s over you can have a sniper waiting for that head shot, or just a guy standing right behind you waiting for that assassination.  There’s the Active Camo which speaks for itself, but there has been some modifications to it.  If you move to fast you can be seen easier and vice versa if you don’t move, or move very little, you’ll be harder to spot.  Also, when you are closer to enemies their radar will jam making them aware you are around.  Evade lets the player roll in a given direction getting them out of a sticky situation.  The Jet Pack lets the player fly, helping you get to places otherwise inaccessible.  Sprint is a Spartan only ability and gives them the chance to make a quick dash, but at the expense that they can’t shoot.


As far as weapons go there is the DMR which is pretty much the Battle Rifle but with only one shot burst and has the same power as the Magnum.  The Plasma Reaper, which is the Covenant Assault Rifle replacement that shots a steady beam instead of just burst like the Plasma Rifle does.  Then there’s the Plasma Launcher, which is like the Rocket Launcher but with some major differences.  It shots up to four shots, and they can lock onto both vehicles and infantry .  Then there is the Grenade Launcher which has some interesting ideas behind it.  Just like a regular Grenade Launcher, if you shot and hit your target it will blow up, but if you miss it will bounce, or if you hold the trigger you make like a mine that you can explode at anytime.  So you can shoot it and blow it up mid-air or have it fall to the ground and blow up whenever a player goes near it.

There is a lot to this new Halo game and there is still a lot more to come, if you bought Halo: ODST then you can play the Beta coming out May 3, 2010 and get a sneak peak of things to come.  We will keep you  informed about all your Halo: Reach news here at PlayerAffinity.com


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