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Hamill’s Last Time As The Joker

There aren’t many good comic book games out there in today’s market and those that are good stand out. Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the few and has been called the best video game based on a comic book character ever.  With good reason too, it was a fantastic game on its own right with great combat, fun stealth, and amazing bosses all while maintaining that Batman feel we all know and love. To help people remember that classic cartoon Batman, which many of us grew up with, they brought back the returning voices for Batman (Kevin Conroy) and the Joker (Mark Hamill).  

If you somehow don’t know who Mark Hamill is, that only means that you know him by his more popular name, Luke Skywalker. Yep he’s that guy. If you’re wondering how this actor went from Star Wars to the Joker then here is a little something you may not know: he actually started out as a voice actor for Wizards, an old animated movie, where he played as a fairy. The movie’s director, Ralph Bakshi, actually introduced Hamill to George Lucas and he felt like he looked the part of Luke so gave him the role.

For the second game to be just as good, or even better, you need those actors again right?  Well there was some dispute to whether or not Hamill would even do another game, saying that it would be hard to top the first one and he wanted to go out on a high note. Who can blame him right? Wouldn’t you want your character to go off with a bang?  Well it looks like after some talking he finally decided to do one more, which either means they convinced him or he feels this next installment will be even better.  Whatever the reason it’s good to hear he’s still playing the Joker, even though he mentioned that this will be his last time playing him, and we all look forward to playing Arkham Asylum 2.


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