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Hands-on with The Elder Scrolls Online Beta (PC)

I got the opportunity over the weekend to play the long awaited The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO coming from Zenimax. I wrote long awaited not because there seems to be much excitement for the game, but because we are all glued to our computer screens to find out if the beloved Elder Scrolls series translates well to a MMORPG type of environment.
It doesn't.
My time with ESO showed off a game that is simply a lesser experience to others in the series. The combat is a bizarre combination of the standard hot-bar MMORPG combat merged with the clunky first person combat that has plagued The Elder Scrolls for so long. The best part of the series is exploring a beautiful landscape, but ESO is ugly and the plethora of other characters break immersion.
Watch the video if you're interested in seeing some more! I did the character creation, tutorial area ,and a few quests later in the game. Keep in mind that this was a beta and it is possible that significant changes will be made to the final game.


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