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Hands-On with the Gravity Rush 2 Demo

As a holiday surprise, a demo for Gravity Rush 2 has released on the PlayStation Store. Fans of the series will get a chance to try out the new title before its January release. This free demo gives any who want to test the waters of Gravity Rush 2 a good grip on what’s to expect come January, but fails to introduce anything new to anyone familiar to the previous entry. thumbnails-screen-shot-2016-12-22-08-42-36 There are two paths in this demo. One is for beginners who haven’t played the previous Gravity Rush and the other is for those who are familiar with Kat’s powers. The beginner’s path tasks players with hopping from tower to tower, getting players used to the gravity abilities such as floating, rushing, and stopping mid-air. Once players have mastered movement, you will be thrown into the new city of Jirga Para Lhao. Players who picked the experienced path, you’ll cut straight to Jirga. Once in Jirga, players are introduced to how Gravity Rush 2 plays through a few missions. Once you gain full control, players will have a brief moment to explore the city of Jirga. Jirga is beaming with people and life as you roam through the marketplace. Further along, the people begin to scatter, all rushing to safety. This is where we are reintroduced to the Nevi, the enemies form the original game. Here you are introduced to combat, which relies on simple controls. The square button gives players their basic hit and combo, while R2 gives you a dodge. After killing a few Nevi, players get introduced to flying foes and an anti-air attack. Pressing circle allows Kat to lift nearby objects and throw them at enemies. The combat was simple so hopefully further in the game you’ll be introduced to new mechanics and combos. thumbnails-screen-shot-2016-12-22-08-43-49 After this, the demo subtly transitions into a gravity section. Kat must chase a seagull through the air, giving players a full test to gravity controls. If you played the beginner’s tutorial you’re not introduced to anything new here. Gravity movement is simple as well and the chase scene isn’t too difficult. Once players have completed this, they’re introduced to their first real cutscene which were my favorite part. Cutscenes play out in comic book panels and slowly transitions from one panel to another. The art style is gorgeous, fully crafted in the style of a manga. During this custscene, players are introduced to another character and an enemy boss. thumbnails-screen-shot-2016-12-22-08-42-50 During this fight, players are introduced to special moves which give Kat an easy way to clear a room full of baddies. When the dust clears, the demo ends, thanking the player for their time. Gravity Rush 2’s demo decided to keep things on the safe side and felt more like a long tutorial. The demo failed to introduce anything new to the sequel. I went through the demo a second time just to be sure I didn’t miss anything of importance and couldn’t find anything. Although, Gravity Rush 2 does introduce new moves and characters, the demo fails to give any sign of this.


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