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Harley and Joker – A Good Couple?

Love is in the air, and this is the week of hugs and kisses. Even if Valentine’s Day was on Monday, don’t you love it when we dish out some awesome
features of love? In this lovely feature I will dig deep into the loveable/hate
relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn! They’ve dated for years in
comic book continuity, but since Gotham City Sirens, Harley has left her boyfriend. Are you glad or sad that Joker and Harley aren’t together anymore?

The Joker is one of the most insane villains known in comic
book continuity. From boiling babies and making the parents eat the remains to
shooting people in the waste, Joker is crazier than most people. The
relationship between Harley and Joker didn’t start in the comics, but on
television! Harley Quinn had first appeared on TV in Paul Dini’s Batman: The
Animated Series
. From there she appeared in numerous episodes with the Joker.
The relationship was continually abused and for some demented love, Harley
continued to stay with the Joker. While the question of how Harley Quinn has
survived for so long, even in comic books, it still seems odd on how Joker bent
Harley to his will.

Harley and Joker

Abused by the Joker for over a decade, Harley Quinn had
finally had enough in a Batman One-Shot that had Joker, finally, trying to kill
Harley Quinn. This happened after the events of Batman & Son, when Joker
got shot in his head. Knowing that he had to get a new look, he completed surgery on his face and needed to do one last thing before he was completely
back. He needed to bathe in blood! Tricking Harley into joining him to kill the
Batman, he turned on her and was about to slit her throat with a knife. Batman
came in and saved her, and both of them were locked in Arkham Asylum.

Some time later, Harley Quinn decided to leave Joker and, instead, joined Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the Gotham City Sirens. She is currently
working with them and testing their trust, while staying away from her insane
boyfriend. However, how much longer will her so-called “sane mind” stay that way before she returns to the Clown Prince of Crime? Who knows, but we’ll have to
find out in the newest Gotham City Sirens!

So if you ask me, the relationship between Harley and Joker
has been really comedic, but also really sad. Harley can do much better than
the Joker: she was once a doctor at Arkham (wasn’t everyone), however she was
seduced by the Joker and soon became his “Harley Quinn.” This relationship
continues to be tested over-and-over, however how long will it be until Harley
Quinn dies? I think something between this relationship needs to end, whatever
happens in Gotham City Sirens #23 which hits shelves May 25.


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