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Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Ongoing Series

Yes, Harley Quinn, a member of the New 52 Suicide Squad series, ex-girlfriend of the Joker and a fan-favorite, is striking out in her own ongoing series. DC Comics has assigned Amanda Conner to draw it and Jimmy Palimiotti to write it. Unfortunately, my love for Harley doesn't blind me to the fact that this ongoing series could possibly be one of the worst New 52 titles. A picture says 1,000 words afterall and that outfit Harl's wearing on the cover screams volumes. Even Joker's presence can't quell my nerves. I never thought anything could be worse then her $2 hooker garb in Suicide Squad, but this costume malfunction looks like a mix between a slut and, thanks to the shoulder-pads, a football player. Though her funeral attire is pretty atrocious... But the tidbits of information coming from Conner and Palimiotti is giving me some hope. According to them, this ongoing series will add to Harley's background, motivations, her home and her supporting cast. Plus, when inevitably asked if the Joker will make an appearance, the team said while he won't be in everything, he will "always be looming in the background." Harley Quinn New Ongoing Series That "supporting cast" line struck me the most. I would love to see Harley palling around with Poison Ivy and Catwoman again. A reunion of the Gotham City Sirens (if that's even still canon). Batman would also be a welcome guest, as would Harley Quinn's lover Deadshot, who won me over as the leader of the Suicide Squad... unfortunately there is a chance none of these characters will show up in the beginning since Conner and the cover have both hinted that the ongoing series will not take place in Gotham city. Harley also doesn't have a good track record with her series. She has only had her own series once before as a result of her growing popularity. The series lasted 38 issues and many fans complained her dark turns in the series. I've only read a few issues and I agree they weren't as fun as I would have liked. One issue features her going through hell (literally) and coming back. I know Lobo can do it, but Harley? But the creative team was responsible for the Power Girl series, which after only reading a couple of issues has me convinced these two know how to write and draw. Do you think the series will be good? Bad? Who would you like to see the most in the upcoming Harley Quinn series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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