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Harmonix Announces New Music Shooter Chroma

Harmonix has announced their next project, and it isn't what you were expecting. The developer that brought you Dance Central, Rock Band, the upcoming Fantasia: Music Evolved is making a free to play first person shooter for the PC called Chroma. Before you despair that one of the most unique developers are going to be making yet another generic shooter, this isn't your typical class based shooter.

Music will play a huge part in the combat which is familiar territory for Harmonix who are looking to make a truly unique offering in a crowded genre. As you can see in the debut trailer above, you have to get the timing of the beat down to perform the more powerful moves and be able to traverse the areas quicker.
A closed alpha will begin later this month (which you can sign up for at PlayChroma.com) and the game will be available later in the year via Steam Early Access while development continues. The game is at an extremely early stage right now so your feedback on the alpha will help greatly as the game progresses in the coming months.
This does seem like a very interesting and new take on the genre and it is great to see Harmonix be able to try their hand at something different after making similar content for a very long time. We are sure to hear more about Chroma in the weeks ahead.      


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