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Harmonix Trademarks ‘Vidrhythm’

Perennial music game developer Harmonix has filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for an unknown property called Vidrhythm. Listed under the category of 'video game software' it is most likely to be a new game, and given the 'rhythm' section of its title, it is a safe bet that it will be some form of music game. Harmonix has a wealth of experience in this genre with them being the ones that kicked off the plastic instrument fad a couple years ago with the original Guitar Hero. Their latest release, Dance Central, already has a sequel in development, but the title Vidrhythm evokes an image of a similarly Kinect-focused game. I for one would seriously enjoy another game in the mold of FreQuency and Amplitude, but I'm sure I am one of few and will stand to have my dreams crushed as I flounder around my living room trying to dance to Lady Gaga once more. Ugh. While I think Dance Central is a good game, it's just not my cup of tea.

Harmonix has to be admired for their unending commitment to making music games. Even though the whole plastic instrument craze has pretty much evaporated and people are starting to get extremely weary at the prospect of any kind of rhythm-based game, they still continue forward and they do it while making great games. Their support for Rock Band is exceptional and really proves that they do care about their games and the people that play them, even as numbers diminish. I do hope that Vidrhythm (whatever it may be) is a hit for Harmonix, as they truly are one of the most genuine and faithful developers out there.


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