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Hasbro Won’t Let ‘Ouija’ Die, Hires Writer

Seemingly unable to take no for an answer, Hasbro is moving forward with the film version of Ouija, and has hired Marti Noxon to write the script. The news comes just three months after it was announced that Universal Studios, who originally held the film's rights, would be pulling out of the project, paying off a $5 million penalty fee just to do so.

Noxon could be a good fit for the film, having established herself as a go-to when it comes to writing pithy scripts with supernatural twists, her credentials including 23 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this year’s well-received Fright Night remake. She also did doctoring work on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, though the odds of that script ever going into production seem to change with the weather.

Originally marketed as a parlor game, the Ouija board is often associated with the occult and its use in séances. Though horror-focused Platinum Dunes is still signed to the production, Hasbro will be financing the film and it looks like they’ll be going in a more family-friendly direction. The Hollywood Reporter has it that the film will be “a family adventure in the tone of The Mummy centering on a family who has to deal with otherwordly chaos that is unleashed.”


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