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Hastings Stores to stock Comics Nationally

Who says that comics are dead?! It was revealed this week that Hastings Media stores will be carrying comic books. That's to say that they'll be carrying weekly comic releases, making Hastings the largest national comic chain! Good news for the creators, as their royalties are sure to increase! Aside from "singles," the chain will also be carrying trade paper backs, hardcovers, manga and... BACK ISSUES?! That's right, that most definitely makes them a comic book shop. 

Also emerging from the deal is the first Hastings exclusive variant coming from Top Cow Comics. The variant is for Artifacts #1 and ships in July, possibly giving a rough estimate of when the chain will begin carrying comics. Bleeding Cool broke the story and has an exclusive interview with James Parker, a key player in the move, on the odds and ends of their business strategy. Really, this sounds like a great thing for comic fans. It adds stores as well as increasing the amount of comics that reach the fans. Who knows, this could even launch the next successful independent publisher!

What I do know for sure is that you'll either be able to get your flaming bean bag for 3.99 or the newest issues of DC and Marvel at... also 3.99. Tough decisions on that one.
https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/hastings_roy.jpgThis guy has nothing to do with any of this... but it's funny.


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