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Hawkeye #2 Review

We are only up to issue 2, but I already think this is one of the best comic book series Marvel has right now. Even if you have never heard of Hawkeye this is still a pretty easy issue to understand. The issue is very new reader friendly.

The cover for this issue was as great as the last. Every month this series does not disappoint. The art is amazing for the covers and I always look forward to see what covers they come up with next.

In this issue, Clint Barton teams up with Kate Bishop. They have to figure out if a local carnival group is ripping people off.

I have been excited to read this issue ever since reading issue 1 last month. This series has to be one of my favorite ongoing series going on right now. I have never been a big fan of Hawkeye, but after reading this series you think of the character in a new perspective. The writing flows nicely, and it shows that Hawkeye is a normal guy who just happens to be a member of the Avengers.

Kate Bishop was a great addition for the series. Her character lightens the story in this issue, and probably will do the same in future issues. She has a great dynamic with Clint. They are both great archers, but have very different personalities. By the end of this issue it is revealed that this is not the last we have seen of Kate Bishop.

With both this issue and last issue the stories have been light. You don’t have to know anything about Kate or Clint to understand what is going on in this series. This is a great jumping on point for both characters. I am sure that a lot of Avengers fans will want to pick this series up.
The only problem I had with this issue was that Clint was hitting on Kate during this whole issue. Clint is about 20 years older than Kate. I don’t think Matt Fraction should make them have a romantic relationship. He is trying to prove that he is a womanizer, but he could of done it in a different way. I would like to see more of a mentor/student or Father/Daughter relationship between Clint and Kate.

The art is another reason why I love this series. It has to be one of my favorite interior artworks. The artist loves using purple in this series, and it works. This art style may not fit for many series, but it fits for Hawkeye’s character.

This is a great addition to a great series. If you have not been reading this series I recommend you to start with this issue. It is a great jumping on point, and this series is a must read. Pick this issue up!



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