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Hawkeye #3 Review

Hawkeye is currently one of my favorite ongoing comic book series. It is always on the top of my pile to read. This series proves that you don’t need big battles with A-list villains to have a good story. Hawkeye follows Clint Barton on his off time, while he is not being an Avenger. 

The cover for this issue is amazing. I love the art for this series. It is simple, and the artist uses different shades of purple that fits very well with these characters. The concept was even great for this issue. Clint and Kate pointing their arrows to the sky actually have a meaning to this issue. (Just think Boomerang Arrows)

In this issue, Clint meets a redheaded woman that has a car that catches Clint’s eye. Clint wants to buy the car from her, but he later finds out that there are people out to get this woman. Clint and Kate end up having a chase-scene to try to save the woman’s life from these goons.

This was another stand-alone Hawkeye issue. The series still hasn’t had a story arc yet, but I like that there have been only stand-alone issues so far. With these issues we get to see Kate and Clint’s personality really shine. Seeing personalities shine is rare to see in some comic books. Sometimes writers get so caught up in the action that they forget that they need to develop on the characters also. Matt Fraction balances action and story progression very well throughout this series. With these couple of stories we know how Kate and Clint would react to different situations even if you have never read their characters before this series. Even though they have different personalities they have great chemistry as a team. They work very well together.

There were plenty of trick arrows throughout this story, which was very fun to see. What makes Hawkeye different from Green Arrow is that Hawkeye loves using his trick arrows. There are plenty of great scenes where we get to see Clint use his trick arrows, and Kate trying to get use to that. Kate doesn’t quite understand how all of these different trick arrows have a purpose, but by the end of the issue she sees how these arrows can get you out of a jam. I always loved how unique trick arrows are it makes Clint less like Robin Hood, and more the like a twenty-first century hero.

This issue doesn’t go in chronological order. Throughout this story it skips to the main chase scene to what led Kate and Clint to the chase scene. This style of storytelling can sometimes workout very well, or sometimes it can just end up being confusing. Matt Fraction can use this style of storytelling correctly, which not many writers can achieve.

The art for this series is always great. The artist loves using different shades of purple. It works so well with this comic. I hope the art never changes because the art is the cherry on top for this already amazing series.

I can never say enough about how much I love this series. This issue doesn’t let you down. This series is a great way to catch up on Hawkeye’s character because you don’t need to know anything about his character to understand what is happening. This issue is no exception. This is a great jumping on point. Pick this issue up!



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