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Hawkeye #7 will be about Hurricane Sandy

The plot for Hawkeye issue 7 was announced yesterday. Clint and Kate will be running around New York City trying to save everyone that was affected by Hurricane Sandy.

This is a perfect story to write about. New York City was very much affected by Hurricane Sandy. Matt Fraction wanted to show in this comic that normal people could be heroes also. I think Hawkeye is the perfect series to show this. Throughout this series we have seen that Clint is an Avenger, but he also a normal person. It means more that Clint is saving the day than, lets say, Captain America during the events of Hurricane Sandy.

Matt Fraction will be giving all his royalties he receives with this issue to Hurricane Sandy victims. So, be sure to pick up this issue if you want to help this cause.

Will you guys be picking up this issue? Do you think the story can be interesting? Do you like when real life events influence your favorite comic books? Tell us in the comments below.



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