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HAWX On Sale At Amazon For Five Dollars

Back in the distant past of 2010, Amazon had a non-stop string of sales ranging from mid November's "Prelude to Black Friday" all the way up to the "Seventeen Days of Christmas" sale.  Since the new year started, Amazon hasn't had many good PC games sales, which spares us the awful themes, but means that we've been paying full price for our games.  Today (And only today, Sunday the 9th), they're making up for the tepid sales by selling Toms Clancy's HAWX for a mere $5.44.
HAWX is an action-centered game which puts players in the cockpit of a jet fighter, but steers clear of the hyper-realism of most flight simulators.  Normally this game runs about thirty dollars, so this is quite a sale for those PC gamers who enjoy or air combat games, but haven't tried HAWX yet.  The sequel recently came out, so this is a nice opportunity to check out the franchise without making much of an investment.  Unfortunately HAWX 2 is still going for its full retail price at Amazon; $49.99.

The only real catch to this deal is that it is only available as a digital download.  You can grab it until about midnight West Coast Time at Amazon.


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