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Hayden Panettiere and Ashley Greene scouted for Scream 4

UPDATE: Emma Roberts has now been cast in the role once attached to Ashely Greene, according to Entertainment Weekly, so presumably Greene will no longer be in the film.

The Scream franchise returns with a fourth film written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. Both men wrote and directed the last three installments. This movie may have the cast returning to Woodsboro, the setting of the first film, but this is currently just speculation, as both the director and the writer are keeping a lid on the script. The hopes are that Scream 4 will begin a new trilogy of Scream films. Williamson has already begun work on a script for a fifth movie in case the fourth one does well. Scream 3, which came out in 2000, did not do nearly as well as Scream 2.

Casting has been finished for the film with David Arquette, his wife Courteney Cox Arquette, and Neve Campbell all returning to pass the torch to a new generation of stars. Lake Bell will play the deputy of the town, Twilight star Ashley Greene, a high school student, Hayden Panettiere, another high school student, and Rory Culkin, a love interest for Greene. The long time rumor that Liev Schreiber would return as Cotton Weary was put to rest by the actor at Comic Con last year, and the same is said for Jamie Kennedy's character Randy. Scream 4 is set for an April 14, 2011 release.


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