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Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut coming November 8th

PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain is getting a director's cut re-release on November 8th. People who've yet to check out the highly successful murder mystery thriller can look forward to a bunch of nifty extras if they decide to pick it up next week including:

  • Heavy Rain Chronicles - The Taxidermist DLC
  • The complete game soundtrack
  • 8 making-of bonus videos
  • Three dynamic themes for their PS3
  • Some concept art and trailers
  • Updated user interface and menus that now fully support PlayStation Move

The game is also now being added to the PS3's greatest hits collection and will be priced at $29.99 US.  And lastly, their will also be a free dynamic theme released on PSN to celebrate the director's cut release.  So clearly, if ever there was a time you felt like getting into Heavy Rain, this version is for you.  I wanted to play Heavy Rain for the longest time myself, but after reading reviews and talking to friends, it didn't really strike me as the kind of game I would enjoy being the twitchy action-loving no-patience gamer that I am, but I still might check it out some day.

source: PlayStation Blog


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