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Hellboy: Buster Oakley Get His Wish – Review

Hellboy one shots are always interesting because they rarely if ever tie-in to the main storyline of Hellboy. Instead they play to the lore of the world and the agelessness of the character. In Buster Oakley Gets His Wish what starts off as a missing cow case turns out to be alien abduction. It’s suspected that some local kids have been practicing some evil magic and the cow’s disappearance has some ties to their rituals. It turns out that it’s actually aliens that have been abducted and the leader of the kid’s cult has been transformed into a cow/man hybrid. Hellboy discovers this as he too is abducted by the aliens. A fight breaks out in the ship as he must battle the little grey-ish men with the help of the cowman.

If you like and are familiar with Hellboy you’ll enjoy this issue as it’s a simple story and basically one long battle. If this is your first experience with Hellboy you can still find enjoyment in the issue, but you won’t find much in the way of details and back story about Hellboy. The story has a great narration of captions that travel throughout the issue and play into the ending which was fitting and interesting for the story.

Hellboy BOGHW CoverThe art and coloring are very beautiful and complex. Kevin Nowlan (Name a book he’s probably worked on it) his pencils are most impressive, but his inks out shine everything else. The line work adds a lot of detail and gives the book a very distinct look. Nowlan’s art is probably some of the closest to creator and writer of this issue, Mike Mignola’s art. Every panel is beautiful to look at and the inks are so strong you almost do need the coloring at all.

I personally liked the issue a lot and think that if it’s great to get these one off issues of Hellboy that don’t require you to know anything other than the character’s name to enjoy the story. It’s a fast read for sure but thoroughly enjoyable with a clever ending. If anything it’s worth it just for the art alone which does a great job of telling the story with the captions working against it.

Overall Score – 8.0/10



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