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Hellgate Returning From the Dead As Free To Play Game

Almost three years after the collapse of Flagship Studios, T3 Entertainment has announced that Hellgate: London will be returning to PC gamers as a free to play title. While the game’s name has been shortened to simply Hellgate, it will still be set in a post-apocalyptic demon-ravaged London and players can get a taste of it later this year with a short beta in early June.


Hellgate: London was an action RPG that was released by Flagship Studios in 2007. They hoped it would become the next big ARPG after Diablo but, despite its excellent setting, it failed critically due to bug and gameplay issues. Flagship had actually set up a MMO subscription mode for the game's multiplayer that was shut down months after the game came out, leaving all those who had purchased lifetime subscriptions without the multiplayer mode they had paid for. When rumors surfaced of T3 planning to improve and rerelease the game, fans waited to see what would happen and now almost three years later it looks like Hellgate is finally resurrected.

I personally really liked Hellgate:London due to its interesting and unique setting as well as some cool mechanics, but I won’t despute that the game had numerous gameplay and technical issues. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing whether Hellgate’s resurrection with be a second chance for the game or a sign of the end times.


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