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Hellraiser #3 – Review

I really have to wonder how the hell this series can get any better. The style of storytelling changes slightly with each issue, but its consistently better each issue. It’s as if the story is building towards some epic battle between humanity and hell and the outcome could very well tear hell apart if humanity were to win.

This issue begins with Kristy’s fiancé lecturing and reading from his new book while Pinhead in human form sits in the audience listening and holding the box. The story then jumps to each member of Kristy’s team and how they all ended up meeting Kristy. The first is the Priest who is attacked inside his church by one of Hell’s creatures. Nothing from his scripture helps him as the beast closes in on him. He drops Jesus on the demon (literally) and smashes it into the ground. He flees the church and heads to a tattoo parlor. Strange I know, but his logic behind it is sound. He becomes a regular at a bar soon thereafter and that is where Kristy meets him.

Hellraiser_03_rev_CVR_A.jpgNext we move on to the high class call girls encounter with Hell. She’s spending the night with an antiques dealer and becomes fascinated by a broken music box. As she touches it the song begins to play. Out pops a half organic, half mechanical creature of Hell that kills the dealer instantly by stopping his heart. For the call girl he reaches inside and kills her unborn child. She flees the room scared and screaming in total shock that she was pregnant and that the child is now dead.

Each of the stories is better than the last and continues to build and build up to the last few pages of the issue. I don’t know if the next issue will finally see Kristy and Pinhead face to face finally, but this issue took some major strides towards that happening. Once again Barker and Monfette knock it out of the park. Due to the shipping schedule this book had some extra time to come out and it was enough that I admittedly forgot about it, but it’s so good that when you finish reading it you hate that it ended. I can see this series selling really well in trades since it’ll give the complete story. What’s left to say about the writing? It’s just brilliant at this point. The fact that they change the storytelling style with each issue just shows how in control they are of the story.

What really makes the art of Stephen Thompson stand out is the coloring. The coloring of the book adds a lot to the tone and feel of the series and without Jordie Bellaire to compliment Thompson’s pencil’s I don’t think this book would be as successful.  The two do a remarkable job of making the page come to life and capture the terror of Hell on the page.

You may not be a horror fan or maybe you wrote off Hellraiser after the umpteenth sequel, but this is series is the triumphant return of the series and creator Clive Barker. This book is so good it’s as if Hellraiser: Hellworld never happened. The first two issues are available digitally so if you missed out on the series pick them up and catch up with the rest of us it’s worth it.

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