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Help These Nerds Make More Fallout Fan Films

Remember that awesome Fallout fan film last year, Nuka Break?  No?  Well, do you remember a short film where cutie actress Tybee Diskin was strutting aoround the desert in really tiny shorts?  Aha, I thought you'd remember that.  Well she's back, along with the film's Director/Actor Zack Finfrock and co-star Aaron Giles and they're looking for funding to turn it into a web series, with some help from fans.  Take a look at their pitch.

As of this writing, they've actually exceeded their $20,000 funding drive thanks to generous nerds like you, but you can still toss in a few dollars to help them out, and by doing so you'll get special rewards, like a digital copy of the series, props from the shoot, and if you pitch in 5,000 caps you'll even get  a role in the series!  You can make your donation at their Indie Go Go page.

Didn't see the movie?  Take a look at it below:


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