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Here’s Your New Spider-Man

Marvel has announced that after the shocking events of "Death of Spider-Man", the sold out storyline currently running through ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN and ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS VS. ULTIMATES, there will be a new Spider-Man and a new character under the mask. Something’s happened to Peter Parker and here comes an all-new Spider-Man…in an all-new costume!

“We called this story 'Death of Spider-Man' for a reason,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor In Chief. “This is a huge story that’ll have fans around the world talking for a long time as we set the stage for the debut of our new Spider-Man.”

The Ultimate Universe is irrevocably changed with the conclusion to "Death of Spider-Man" in June’s polybagged ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #160, but right now you can get in on the red-hot story that leads to the birth of an all-new Spider-Man, including new printings of the sold out issues: And to make sure you don’t miss a single chapter, pick up all the acclaimed issues below:

New Ultimate Spider-Man


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