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Heroes Ignited – A Kickstarter for Fans Who Love Creator Owned Comic Books

Last week the Heroes Ignited Kickstarter was launched by Short Fuse Media Group. Heroes Ignited brings together a group of creator owned comic books into one universe. These titles include: Like Father, Like Daughter, Pinkwing and the Prime-Controller,  Nightwasp, Voluntaryist, Stealth, Knight Hunter, Gritt, and Utter. d4424862a1bc84b7bb6f5f4d94fc5607_original The Heroes Ignited title is a 56 page anthology book. This will include short stories from all of these creator owned titles. This will help get new readers familiarized with these creator owned characters. This Kickstarter also includes the Indie Comic Premiere Magazine, which will have interviews with all of the creators conducted by Comic Frontline. The Kickstarter has some great gifts if you back up the project. This includes the comic, action figures, t-shirts, and a chance for your own character to star in the comic. Learn more about the Kickstarter here and support these indie creators.


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