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Heroes of Newerth Becomes Free to Play

The fast spread of free-to-play gaming continues, as yet another existing game turns into a free-to-play title. This time, it is the multiplayer role-playing action game, Heroes of Newerth from S2 Games.

Due to the change of business model, Heroes of Newerth will feature two different types of profiles. One profile type will be the Legacy account, the accounts of those who purchased Heroes of Newerth before it went free-to-play. These players will have free access to every single hero in the game, as well as all of the "Verified Only" games which separate the older players from the new rookies. The new players will be using Basic accounts, which will be upgraded to Verified accounts when they have purchased some virtual in-game currency (Goblin coins), or played for a certain amount of time. 

I'm starting to wonder if the amount of free-to-play games has reached a point where several games are getting ignored due to the number of titles out there. If it hasn't reached that point yet, then it certainly will in the next few years, or months, depending on how quickly everyone else jumps ship. It's also worth stating that being free-to-play may not be the best idea all the time. I mean, every time I play a free-to-play game, I try not to spend any real money, no matter what perks I lose in the process. If there are too many other people like me, then companies may start seeing a loss of profit in the free-to-play business model. 


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