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Hey, E3 Is Next Week!

People! Crowds! Games! Lots of games. E3 '09 was a bit of a resurgence of sorts, channeling that kind of exciting and bombastic noise that dominated the expo before it became a reclusive shell of its former self. Even better, E3 '10 sounds like it'll be completely nuts. Have you heard? Killzone 3. That new Zelda game. Who the hell is Natal for? Mortal Kombat's back? What's Valve going to show? So many questions, so much speculation... so let's speculate.

Christopher Park:

Nintendo: All I care about is Zelda. They've been talking about it -- talking about how Twilight Princess was the last of its kind, how the structure of Zelda would change, how it would MotionPlus, etc. The question, then: What the hell is it, then? How much of a Zelda game will it be? The 3DS? The vitality sensor? Don't really care. Show me that Zelda game.

Microsoft: What I'm most looking forward to is when they start talking about Natal. I'm having a hard time wondering exactly who that's for. Is it for the Wii audience? The games shown indicate that much. Is it something that I'll use to play games that revolve around kicking dodgeballs and looking retarded? Who are you going after with this? By E3, I'll hopefully get an answer.

Sony: So much of their show seems like a known quantity, but they must have some surprises, as all the publishers do. Move looks like a straightforward answer to the Wii, but with them "hardcore" games.

All the others: My secret wish? Some kind of Persona 5 announcement with a J-poplicious trailer. I'm going to digress. Persona 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. A single breath spent on Persona 5 would send me into giddy hysterics. 

Really looking forward to more Shogun 2: Total War news, especially after the excellent Napoleon: Total War. Creative Assembly proved they could ship a game in a stable, polished state and I think they learned that ambition got the better of them with Empire: Total War.

One of the biggest mysteries, then, would have to be from Valve. What the hell do you mean it won't be Episode Three-related? Are you mad, Valve? When you send out a party cancellation PR e-mail like that, what do you expect your fans will speculate? Oh, I get it. Half-Life 3. Right? RIGHT? Please let it be.

Jay Malone:

It’s odd; this is the first E3 where I’m not going into it specifically excited for a certain game. It’s more of a shmorgishborg of games. Obviously the big thing on everyone’s mind is Natal and Playstation Move. With Microsoft possibly announcing their fairly hefty price of 150 dollars for Natal, they’re going to have to really sell us on it. Move on the other hand is by far the least anticipated of the two but I think Sony can change that by actually showing us some impressive games and announcing their price at 60 dollars. Not only would that hurt Microsoft, it’d mean I, and many other people, would be buying a Move on day one. Also, the Wii HD. That’s getting announced this year.

Games wise, Max Payne 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Epic Mickey, Fable III, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Gears of War 3 to name a few. Like I said, I don’t really have a most anticipated game that jumps out at me. If I had to choose, I’d go with Gears 3 as I’m a huge fan of the series but then again, I’m very interested to see what Media Molecule is doing with LittleBigPlanet 2. Since its announcement, I’ve been intrigued and I wouldn’t mind getting some more creativity under my belt.

Matt Perkins:

- Valve announces L4D3, sets release date for Oct 2010. New survivors/infected, maybe a new director game mode, and a bloom effect powerful enough to cover up Gabe Newell's chins.
- Activision Blizzard announce a Battle.net client similar to Steam, allowing purchase of all ActiBlizz titles and select third-parties.
- The latest version of Ubisoft's DRM prevents anyone not actively connected to their servers from attending or reading news about their announcements and booths.
- Nintendo announces 3DS price point of over $350.
- EA hands out beta keys for the new Medal of Honor to media and attendee's.
- Blizzard announces that they aren't announcing anything until Blizzconn.
- Third-parties announce several shovelware games for the iPad.
- Sony announces Uncharted 3; it will support motion controls.

In short:

This will be a Microsoft and Apple showcase, Activision will do their best to keep covering up the IW debacle, and Respawn Gaming will announce its first title. Also some new Guitar Hero or Rock Band shovelware of some kind. PC gaming will be officially given a time of death by AAA publishers and developers, maybe we'll see a port or so, with exception to SWTOR and generic peer-to-peer fps games... might as well. 


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