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Hidden Messages in Witchblade Covers

There will be more than just mysteries in the panels of Witchblade issues: the covers will also contain secrets! Starting with Witchblade #151, cover A, cover artist John Tyler Christopher (Artifacts, Voodoo) will be hiding "artifacts" for the reader to use to solve a puzzle. A smart gimmick since there is "conveniently" coming up a trade paperback collecting Witchblade #151-#155, a 144-page collection in stores for $9.99 with multiple hidden artifact covers coming out June 6, 2012, while the next installment of Witchblade featuring a secret cover comes out today, May 23rd, Witchblade #156. Witchblade #156 is the only issue that does not have a prize but fans will receive bonus downloads and behind-the-scenes material for free on the Witchblade Cover Artifacts homepage.

But what are the benefits of this gimmick?

Fans who uncover the secrets of the Witchblade's hidden artifacts will have access to unlock able bonus material and exclusive downloads at http://www.topcow.com/community/promotions by entering the solution.

Top Cow is teamed up with the GeekDad blog to exclusively debut their hidden message covers, a debut that officially started Monday, May 21st. GeekDad will celebrate with a "Week of Witchblade," featuring a new cover puzzle and contest every day. Not only can fans get prizes from Top Cow; they are also offered daily prizes and a grand prize by entering at http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2012/05/a-week-of-witchblade-issue-151.

"One of the many reasons I love working with John is that, as an illustrator, he's not only capable of producing some truly mesmerizing covers, but he's always thinking outside the box," said Top Cow Publisher FIlip Sablik. "The genesis of this idea really began with John's desire to engage fans and give them more with every cover. And what better way to announce the project than on Wired, the best news source for innovation and technology?"

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