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Hillary Clinton to Guest Star on Broad City

Broad City, which is currently filming its third season, has given Hillary Clinton a guest spot, according to Variety. The series is executive produced by Amy Poehler, who is famously known for her portrayal of Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. The shows creators and stars, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, have tweeted their excitement over Clinton's guest spot. hillary Hillary Clinton has been busy making regular television appearances on a variety of shows including Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show,” a cameo on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Clinton will also be continuing her public appearances, including an event at Jim Henson studios. It isn’t as common to see a presidential candidate on cable networks (outside of appearances on a show like Comedy Central's The Daily Show) and this appearance could spark political candidates being interested in nabbing guest roles on popular cable shows. Which candidate would you want to see on your favorite show? Basic networks are required to adhere to equal time rules to all candidates, but it’s unclear if this rule also applies to cable networks. If these rules change, will we be seeing Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump joining the cast of Broad City? Hillary Clinton’s episode will premiere sometime in spring of 2016 when Broad City’s third season starts on Comedy Central at 10/9c on Feb. 17. Featured image via Comedy Central


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