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Hitgirl #3 Review

You never know when Hitgirl’s next issue is going to come out because this comic is always a couple of months late. So, I was pretty excited for issue 3 to come out and get some of my Kick Ass fill. With this series we get to see what exactly happens between Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2.

The cover for this issue was pretty awesome. Even though I am not a big fan of John Romita Jr.’s art I think he does a good job with this series. His artwork fits the Kick Ass universe. The cover felt very gritty just like the interior art usually feels like for this series.

In this issue Mindy is still trying to fit in with the cool girls, but she tries a different approach to fit in with the Queen Bee. Meanwhile Red Mist gets in some trouble that makes him leave town for a little while.

I have been really enjoying Hitgirl so far. Hitgirl in my opinion is the best character in the Kick Ass series. So, I am glad we finally get a comic book to see a story in her point of view. But for a series that is suppose to be her own solo mini series it still feels like this is like any other Kick Ass series. We still get a lot of story with Kick Ass and Red Mist. It just feels like a prequel for Kick Ass 2, which just so happens to be called Hitgirl.

The best part is how Mindy uses her superhero skills to try and become popular. Mindy uses the craziest ways to try and be a “normal” girl. Even though her ways are not so normal. She even goes to the lengths of torturing the Queen Bee that way she can have a sleep over with her. Only Hitgirl would be able to do these things.

The art for Hitgirl was pretty good. As I said in the cover portion of this review John Romita Jr. does a pretty good job with this series. I still think some of his art is bulky, and I am not a fan of his art. But it works for the series for the grittiness that the comic is trying to show.


This was a moderate issue. There was some good Hitgirl story in this issue. Red Mist was okay, and we get to see the development of how he become the villain he comes in Kick Ass 2. Hitgirl #3 is worth picking up, and can’t wait to see what Hitgirl will do next. Pick this issue up!



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