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Hitman 5 Coming In 2011?

If voice actor David Bateson's confirmation of a new Hitman game was not enough to convince you that a new entry in IO Interactive's stealthy assassination series was on the way, take heart. A fifth entry in the franchise is looking increasingly likely thanks to a few postings made recently on LinkedIn. IO employees Theo Engell-Nielsen, Rasmus Hoejengaard, and Damien Simper have all updated their resumes on LinkedIn to include Hitman 5, some of them even going as far as to list a 2011 release date for the game. With all of these people coming out of the woodwork claiming to have worked on the game, a public reveal for Hitman 5 seems all but inevitable. Maybe IO should change the focus of the next game, because this Hitman's approach has been anything but stealthy.


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