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Hitman Sniper Challenge: Walkthrough

Agent 47 Has Never Looked so Uncomfortable!

For those unfamiliar with the Hitman series it stars the elusive Agent 47, a government-made clone killer who has been hired by a secret private Assassination firm to eliminate "problems." This simple premise left the player with a series of different missions in various locations around the world and the ability to slaughter an eclectic mix of targets, from billionaire porn tycoons to dogs that have seen too much! Moreover, the franchise is one of the last true stealth games to feed your inner ninja.

Hitman: Absolution is the next iteration of the franchise currently under development by Eidos and distributed by Square Enix. The game doesn't hit store shelves until November, but in the mean time Eidos has released a teaser game that showcases some of the elements you can expect to find in the final product. It`s only available to those who have preordered Hitman: Absolution and is aptly named the `Hitman Sniper Challenge.`

It`s a wonderful look into what to expect from the full game and has many secrets and bonuses to unlock that will give you a boost when you eventually receive your copy of Absolution. Below is an interactive guide that provides all the steps needed to attain the coveted, `Silent Assassin`Rating! Enjoy!

For a complete guide to every other unlockable in the game, CLICK HERE! 


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