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Holiday Sales End Today

For the last six weeks there have non-stop deals at every digital distributor on the net, but this bonanza is about to come to its end, and cheap gamers only have a few hours left to stock up on cut rate entertainment before it's back to paying sixty bucks a pop for new games.

As always happens with Steam on the final day of their big sales, they are doing encores of the most popular sales from the past two weeks. While all of these deals are great, you might want to take a look at L.A. Noire Complete Edition which is now $12.49. UPDATE Steam's sale is over, but Amazon's daily deal is now L.A.Noire Complete Edition for the same price.

Gog.com has been selling virtually everything in their catalog for half off, but that ends today.  They have hundreds of classic games for less than five dollars, which means that no-one has any excuse to own a copy of The Longest Journey now.

Tolkien fans will probably want to pop over to GreenManGaming.com for their sale on Lord of the Rings: War In The North which is now $15.39.

However if you only have a few dollars to spend on games we do recommend that you go with Amazon's sale on L.A. Noire Complete Edition for $12.49.  That's 75% off the price of a game that was going for $50 less than two months ago!  


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