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OK, it's a day after Thanksgiving so I can officially start talking about Christmas... and what you could be getting for your comic book enthusiast! Get a comic book personalized by some of the comic book titans (including Alan Moore and Neil Gaimen)! You’ll also be supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (or, the CBLDF), an organization which has protected comic book creators first amendment rights for years, and contribute to “The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation.” CBLDF is  gifting signed and personalized graphic novels by famous writers like Alan Moore, Jason Aaron, Chris Burnham, Cliff Chiang, Howard Cruse, Evan Dorkin, Rebekah Isaacs, Chip Kidd, Paul Levitz, Larry Marder, Terry Moore, Dave Roman, Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier, Brian K. Vaughan, and Brian Wood!  There will also be exclusive gifts which include books and prints signed by the likes of George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman, Daniel Clowes, Paul Pope, Brian Lee O’Malley,  and more creative faces. By “personalized,” I mean the comics will be signed to one or two names, and the artist will sign and personalize the book on a high quality CBLDF-branded bookplate. To tell the CBDLF how you want the book personalized, let them know in the comments section. An example is:  For Will, For Carl & Nancy, or To The Groppers! No other message or sketch can be included. The below list includes participants and gift items that launched the CBLDF campaign:

 Jason AaronScalped #1 Cover SCALPED VOL.1 WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN VOL.1 Chris Burnham BATMAN INCORPORATED: DELUXE EDITION Cliff Chiang WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1 Howard Cruse STUCK RUBBER BABY Evan Dorkin BEASTS OF BURDEN MILK AND CHEESE Rebekah Isaacs ANGEL AND FAITH Chip Kidd BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN SHAZAM!: THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE WORLD’S MIGHTEST MORTAL Paul Levitz 75 YEARS OF DC COMICS: THE ART OF MODERN MYTHMAKING LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA Larry Marder Rachel Rising #1 Cover BEANWORLD BOOK 1: WAHOOLAZUMA! TALES OF THE BEANWORLD Alan Moore FROM HELL LOST GIRLS THE MIRROR OF LOVE VOICE OF THE FIRE Terry Moore COMPLETE ECHO RACHEL RISING Dave Roman ASTRONAUT ACADEMY Jeff Smith Bone: One Volume Raina Telgemeier DRAMA SMILE Brian K. Vaughan SAGA vol. 1 Y the Last Man, Deluxe Edition vol. 1 Brian Wood LOCAL WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN: ALPHA AND OMEGA Gifts can be personalized by these comic titans until December 5th, but if you continue to buy items before December 12th you will be making a $2 contribution to “The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation.”  By buying a new membership, $10 will be donated and $5 will be donated when memberships are renewed until December 31st (so many dates, so little time…). With every gift you buy from CBLDF you will also receive an exclusive card featuring Will Eisner’s The Spirit telling you about the good your gift has done for the comic book world. Books will be personalized the week of December 5th and will then be mailed the week of December 12th in time for Christmas… unless you’re the unfortunate international donor, in which case there may be a delay in shipping so a Christmas delivery is not guaranteed. If you want to know if a book will get to your house in time for Christmas, email Alex Cox at [email protected]. But for those first hearing about the CBLDF or the “The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation,” here’s what you will be donating your money towards:  CBLDF Logo The CBLDF defends your first amendment rights by providing extensive legal action and preventative legal action. The CBLDF also stands up for the freedom to read comics misunderstood by 21st Century libraries and is committed to education. They have an educational program that talks about the awareness of rights people who read, circulate and make comics have because of their first amendment rights. Carl Gropper of the Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation says, “The CBLDF is as important today as when it was founded over 25 years ago.  It was always important to Will Eisner, and the Foundation is thrilled to be able to continue to help.  We must maintain our vigilance over our rights and liberties and stop those who would try to take them away for any reason.  Please consider a membership or renewing your membership during the holiday season.” Get into the “Spirit of Giving” campaign this year to not only get the perfect gift, but to also help out the comic community. I guarantee your comic fan will appreciate both… though they might be a bit more excited with a signed Neil Gaimen comic. But don’t forget to also drop money into the buckets of other important charities like Hurricane Sandy this year too – you won’t get signed comics like this, but an extra dollar is always a nice gesture over the holidays, gift or not. For more details and to order, go the CBLDF official website. Christmas gifts from Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman 


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