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Holiday’s and Superheroes

Since it’s the Thanksgiving season, I’ve got a very special treat for this specific holiday. As we all know Thanksgiving is when we get to spend time with are friends and family, and be thankful for what has happened to us at this specific point in time. However, what about the Superheroes? They have special skills, abilities, and responsibilities that govern them to spend their time fighting the good fight against evil instead of spending time with family. So do heroes get holiday seasons off to just kick back, relax and spend time with their fellow heroes and family?

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/superman_thanksgiving2.jpgFamilies in comics have been around for a long time. The most iconic family in comics being the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four have saved the world dozens of times, but always make time for family. Sure they don’t get along all that well with one another, what family is perfect? However, as the first team family every battle that they win or loose it makes them stronger! This is why the Fantastic Four is recognized as the best family in comics.

There are also other superheroes that have family, but they aren’t super powered. For example: Spider-Man. Spider-Man is the web-head that everyone knows, either they’re a DC Comics, Top Cow, Boom Studios, or anything else fan. Spider-Man fights the bad guys to protect everyone he loves back at home. While most of his friends and family have been crushed, beaten, and near to death stricken, they still trust Spider-Man to protect them! A hero like Spider-Man doesn’t really have time to hang out with family especially when he is also working with the Avengers.

So do heroes just need to fight the villains and keep everyone safe, while normal people (like you and me) just relax? Or do heroes also need breaks from fighting the bad guys? Lone wolf characters like Batman and Wolverine don’t really care about holidays. While Wolverine has gone soft and has a son he tries to be a family man, but he is always looking for a fight. Batman is well, Batman! He lives in a giant mansion that is completely empty, except for all of the valuables that Bruce keeps. So living in a giant house like that really does make certain heroes cold or not completely heartless. I can see that Bruce did loose his parents at a young age and Logan spent most of his life as a mind controlled puppet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have family!

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/1245526-hawkeyebbq_super.jpgNot all heroes know one another’s secret identity, but I don’t think it would matter when they’re among fellow heroes? Anyway being a hero means making sacrifices, but I don’t think spending time with family would mean the end of the world? Heroes have sidekicks, family members, pets, and even annoying reporters (yes I’m talking to you Vicki Vale), but that is what makes them even more interesting. Not that they can bench press a mountain or is the world’s greatest detective, but when they have their friends joining in the fight. Sure I like a good solo issue with just the main hero, but having friends with the hero makes the story better.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all enjoyed this segment about Heroes and holidays, and have a great weekend!   


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