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First person shooters are easily the biggest genre in video games with titanic franchises like Call of Duty and Halo calling the genre their own. Every year publishers unleash a slew of FPS games and this month THQ is bringing Homefront to the masses.  Homefront is a first person shooter set in the near future. In it North Korea has unified itself with South Korea and most of Asia.  America has suffered an economic collapse that allows them to be invaded by the Korean forces. In the game you will be playing as a civilian who joins the American Resistance in order to fight back against the Korean forces. The story is being penned by John Millius who co-wrote "Red Dawn" and "Apocalypse Now". The world of Homefront is filled with a variety of colorful characters from an ex-military soldier looking for revenge to an American-Korean freedom fighter bearing scars from race riots that occurred in the early stages of the war.

Homefront isn't the first game in which the US gets invaded, 2008's Modern Warfare 2 had several levels in which you fought off invading Russians in famous locations in Washington DC. Yet Homefront is going in a very different direction and will see you fighting a guerilla war against the Korean occupation. Kaos Studios are putting a special emphasis on grounding the world of Homefront in reality by including real life brands and businesses. Kaos are pushing the idea that the conflicts depicted in Homefront could possibly happen and are trying to make the impact of the games setting hit close to home, much like the well-known sequence in Modern Warfare 2 in which you fight off Russians occupying the White House.

In Homefront you won't be playing as a gung-ho military bad-ass but instead will be playing the role of a civilian who is forced to fight for freedom. Kaos has said that while elements of the game were originated in Kaos Studios last game Frontline: Fuel of War, the game has been significantly reworked so as to provide a far more cinematic experience. Kaos has also said that the game's single player will be based around similar guerilla tactics found in Half Life 2.  Despite this, players will still get to play with some heavy firepower in the form of the Goliath unmanned drone. 

Kaos Studios are putting lots of effort into bringing the war-torn America of Homefront to life with a superb graphics engine that looks years ahead of what Kaos Studios did with Frontlines. They are also putting a lot of effort into giving Homefront a multiplayer mode to give the big hitters like Call of Duty a run for their money. Homefront's comprehensive multiplayer mode looks to combine the fast paced gunplay of Call of Duty with the combined arms elements of Battlefield. Players earn points by scoring kills and completing objectives. Players can then spend these points on upgrades for themselves or on vehicles which they can use to support their teammates.

While in some ways it looks like Homefront is going to tread familiar territory it is going to be doing so in a new and fresh way. The console version is being developed by Kaos Studios and the PC version is being handled by Digital Extremes. The game comes out on March 15th in America, March 17th in Australia and March 18th in Europe.


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