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Homefront Takes “Viral” Marketing To A New Level

The upcoming shooter Homefront by Kaos Studios and THQ takes place 16 years in the future, after America has been invaded by Korea.  With the help of screenwriter John Milius who wrote Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, the developers have created an elaborate speculative history to explain how this comes about. Part of the marketing strategy for the game deals with faux video footage of these fictional events mixed in with real newsfootage regarding North Korea.

Today Kaos released a new video which is obviously intended to go viral.  It's a ninety second clip of an Emergency Broadcast System sort of alert about a fictional epidemic that hits America in 2023.  Shot with a shaky handheld camera which is pointed at a TV running the alert, it's accompanied by text written by an unknown commentator looking back on the events that lead to America's demise.  The youtube page which hosts the video contains a link the Homefront timeline which will give players a better grasp on the story that goes along with this ad campaign. 

What about you?  Does this sort of viral marketing actually increase your interest in games?  Tell us in the comments section below.  You can see the full video below, and the Homefront Timeline on its website.


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