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Homeland Season 4 First Trailer

HOMELAND (Season 4)Spoilers for Homeland's last season. At the end of Homeland’s third season the series’ writers did well by finally killing the Carrie/Brody romance storyline (and the Brody storyline altogether) and establishing new story threads to follow in the upcoming season: Carrie finds herself still pregnant with a Brody-spawn, promoted to an overseas position, and Saul is now out of the CIA. The Showtime drama returns on October 5th and the network has released the first teaser trailer for the new season. The minute-long teaser shows an emphasis on the thriller aspect of the series – lots of screaming, explosions, people running with guns, Claire Danes acting erratically (shocker), loud noises, a crazed looking Quinn, Corey Stoll being a badass (sans The Strain toupee), etc. – which is something the show does well, and absolutely no allusions to Brody or Brody-related material (much to many a fan’s relief). While Homeland certainly knows how to provide exciting, action packed material (even in the highly uneven and generally disappointing third season), hopefully the writers will focus on new, interesting character dynamics. So much of what drew people in that first season was the compelling intricacies of the personal relationships (Carrie/Brody, Carrie/Saul, Brody/Jessica) in addition to the more marketable and commercially appealing premise. The network also released the season’s key art featuring a conspicuous Carrie Matheson in a crowd of black-clad people. You’d think that after so many years as a CIA agent, she would have learned the basics of espionage by now. Blend in! Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A6vKiOM0Ws Will you be tuning in on October 5th?


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