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Homestuck – Act 6 to Begin on 11-11-11

For those of you that have been sitting and waiting patiently for Act 6 of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck to begin, your wait is just about over. Andrew announced on his site and Tumblr account that this Friday, November 11th, 2011 will mark the beginning of regular updates to the comic about four friends that got together to play a game.

After a hiatus that lasted over a month, Hussie released the end of Act 5 on October 25, 2011. The single animation, entitled [S] Cascade, was posted on the hosting portal Newgrounds, and subsequently broke the site due to the massive onslaught of fans attempting to view it. After a few hours of everyone refreshing their browsers every nine seconds, Andrew 'gave up' and tweeted a link to a Megaupload that allowed readers to download the file directly to their computer.

The 13 minute animation wrapped up Act 5, though the days went by without a beginning to the next installment of the epic. Now, two months and one broken internet later, the comic is back and should continue for the forseeable future. 

You can find Homestuck and Andrew's other comics over at MS Paint Adventures


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