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Horror Game DLCs for Wii and 360

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood 

This is the long-awaited Rondo of Blood Game now downloadable on the Wii. In this entry of the Castlevania Franchise you play as Richter Belmont. Last seen in Dracula X for the Super Nintendo and Symphony of the Night. Dracula's minions kidnap Richter's 17-year-old girlfriend named Annette, a 12-year-old vampire huntress named Maria Renard, and two other local villagers; a nun known as Terra, and Iris, the daughter of the village doctor. Wielding the whip of his ancestors, Richter heads off toward Castlevania, facing many terrors along the way, from bone-arching skeletons to Death himself. This game is no different than other Castlevania games its side scrolling monster bashing good time. The music is top notch and the special effects when you cast a spell look awesome. They also use a anime style cut scene when they show footage. The graphics how ever on the Wii are not nearly as polished as Castlevania Adventure New beginning. They seem very dated. The biggest issue people have had with the game was no translation was done the characters speak in German for some reason, and the subtitles are still Japanese. This makes it downloadable to only the die-hard fans of the series who have never played the game before. If you want a polished and updated version Caslevania Dracula X Chronicles is on the PSP.


The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

This dark and interesting little side scrolling beat-em up is the direct sequel to the X-box arcade hit The Dishwasher Dead Samurai. The game was a stylized artistic black and white violent game that you could play for hours and not get tired of. Little is know about the storyline of the game as of yet, in the  trailer a poem is recited by a female voice. During the poem she mentions three beings: The Banker, The General and The Judge. The poem ends with a promise: "Banker, General and Judge - you all shall burn in hell". This indicates that perhaps the story will feature (similar in tone to its predecessor) as a quest for revenge against these three beings. The game was featured at Pax East 2010 and was very addictive to play. If you have not played the first one then download it now the new one will be out in Fall 2010.


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