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Hot Pursuit Demo to Make Quick Getaway

Need for Speed fans should race to the Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow as the demo for the series’ latest game will only be available for a limited time.

EA will make the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo available tomorrow, but will remove it from the marketplace on Nov. 9. The publisher has not given an explanation for the demo’s limited availability at this time, though it does include access to the “autolog” feature which acts similar to a social networking site, in that it lets you keep track of your friends’ performance in the game.

The demo will also include access to two game modes. “Dark Horse” will allow players to chase drivers as a police officer while “Roadser’s Reborn” is a race to set the best time.

The retail version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit hits shelves Nov. 16 and is being developed by Criterion, the studio behind the Burnout series.


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