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How Do You Do It Halo?

The same thing has happened again… every time a Halo game comes out, it sells huge. Well, Reach isn’t an exception because it just broke a milestone—it sold 3.3 million copies worldwide and here I am wondering… how? Don’t get me wrong, this is quite nice for Bungie… but as a regular gamer who is enticed by the new and improved, how did they manage to sell Halo Reach to everyone in the world?

Take it this way, 3.3 million is no easy feat to pull off in gaming, I mean you have to have a rabid fanbase to pull that off—yeah Call of Duty, I’m looking at you!—well, I guess Halo has a rabid fanbase… but what other games came out that could’ve combated the evil feat of which is Halo? Didn’t Mass Effect come out earlier this year? What about Alan Wake? Singularity? I mean come on guys, we can do better. Halo Reach is a great game, but aren’t we forgetting about our friends over at Raven who brought us Wolfenstein?

But no use getting angry over it because Halo Reach is a good game—they worked hard for that 3.3 million buys, so I can’t bash them and say they didn’t deserve it because they rightfully did considering how much time they spent developing the game (with a story who’s ending was fairly obvious). Good job Bungie, keep up the good work and enjoy your future endeavors with Activision… good luck, Kotick is an evil dude.  


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