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How The Apple Versus Android Feud Started

As you can see in the video below, it's a comical take on the Apple vs. Android rivalry. However, it brings up the question of why certain people take this battle between the top mobile platforms so seriously. This may seem trivial in some cases but it appears the age old question of which platform is better may stem from a neurological perspective.  In 2011, British neuroscientists discovered that in certain people, the brain triggers reactions that can be found similar to people with religious devotion.

How exactly does it get to that level of consumer loyalty?  Is it a result of cleaver promotion?  Trending social peer pressure?  Perhaps is it truly the fact that the company develops superior products?  Regardless the reason, it begins with personal preference.  Having said that, is it possible to sway a loyal Apple devotee towards switching platforms to what some call "The Dark Side"?

Personally, in the end I just want a cool device that works.  Apparently not everyone feels that way and many are predisposed to choosing their platform of choice.


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