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How to Afford Your Comics

Comic books can sometimes end up becoming an expensive hobby. So, in this feature I am going to give you some tips on how to make your hobby become a little cheaper. That way you can get even more comic books on your pull list.

One of the best ways to save on your comic books is to go to your local comic book store and see what sales they have coming up. This is especially great when there are sales on comic books on your pull list. If there are not many sales at your local comic book store you can look online for sales. There are some online comic book stores that have plenty of sales.

If you don’t mind buying comic books online than EBay is another great place to buy cheaper comic books. Some sellers may not know exactly what comic books they have and they sell it at a lower value than your local comic book store. Even if the seller does know what the value of the comic book is sometimes the seller wants to make good deals that way they have the chance of getting more bids on their item.

Another way to get cheaper comic book stories is to wait for the trade. If you are a patient person than trades maybe a great thing for you to buy. Trades usually come out six months after their single issues come out, but are usually three or four dollars cheaper. It also makes the story flow a lot better when you have six or seven issues all in one book, instead of waiting every month for a new issue to come out.   

Even though these are all great ways to make your hobby cheaper the best way is to shorten your pull list. Sometimes it is hard to shorten your pull list, but this leaves room for comics you may enjoy more than the comics on your current pull list. So, make a list of what comics you buy during the month and take off the comics enjoy the least. It is hard sometimes let go of a comic book, but it helps your wallet in the long run.

I hope these tips help to make your comics cheaper in the future. Tell us in the comments below some tips on how you make your comics cheaper.


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