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How to Survive Comic Con International

With Comic Con just under a month away, we here at PAC have put together a weekly series of "pro tips", if you will, on the dos, the don'ts and the musts of Comic Con. This year's Con looks to be the biggest one yet, and we all know each year ushers in "fresh fish" side by side with the veterans. If you're not careful, you could be eaten alive and miss out on seeing your favorite celebrities or on getting the tons of free crap.

We'll not only have our survival guide articles leading up to Comic Con International, but also coverage during the Con itself, including a gallery of attendees in full Cosplay outfits, the booth babes, and the random giant Picachus.

The first feature this week will be about "Making The Panel." This article will focus on the different types of panels to expect and what you'll have to do to see them.

Additional articles include: What to Bring, How to Get Free Stuff, and finally How to use a Microphone... I know that one seems obvious, but you'd be surprised!

Stay tuned to PAC's feature section each week leading up to the Con!



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