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Hulu Cancels The Awesomes After Three Seasons

"Not so awesome...s."
The Awesomes, an animated comedy series created by Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker, will not be returning for a fourth season. [caption id="attachment_78303" align="aligncenter" width="599"]The Awesomes - Ready for Battle (Image via Broadway World.)[/caption] Variety reports that Hulu has decided against renewing the show, which centers on a group of “second string” superheroes who step into the shoes of a legendary superhero team. Meyers voiced the new leader of the team, Prock, with other voice cast members including, but not limited to, Taran Killiam as Frantic, Rashida Jones as Hotwire, Emily Spivey as Concierge, Kenan Thompson as Impresario, Ike Barinholtz as Muscleman, Bobby Lee as Sumo, Paula Pell as Gadget Gal, and Josh Meyers as Perfect Man Awesome. Honestly, I’m surprised this news didn’t come sooner. Not that I have a negative opinion of The Awesomes (with Judd Winick as Head Writer, it should at least be decent), but I feel like I never see anyone talking about it, and the only reason I knew the show existed was because of the impressive number of ads for the series on the New York subway. However, Deadline mentions that the producers are in talks with other potential platforms for the series. So, what do you think? Would you watch The Awesomes Season 4? Featured image via Comix Asylum.


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