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Hulu’s Runaways Have Been Cast

This week Marvel Comics announced the main cast for Hulu's upcoming Runaways show, based on Brian K. Vaughan's critically acclaimed title released in 2003. Marvel.com was the first to break the news and here is what they had to say about the cast: rhenzyFeliz Rhenzy Feliz - Alex Wilder
"Alex Wilder is a loud-and-proud nerd. Admittedly a bit of a loner, Alex spends much of his free-time playing video games, but deep down, what he wants most is to reunite his childhood group of friends."
When we are first introduced to Alex in the comics he is playing a RPG game on his computer. So I'm glad to see that he's still a proud geek. The only small difference I see with the character is that he's excited to meet with his childhood friends. In the comics everyone seemed pretty reluctant to hangout while their parents hid away to spend time with each other. LyricaOkano Lyrica Okano - Nico Minoru
"Tough, intelligent, and independent–embodies teenage angst. A budding 'Wiccan,' Nico’s carefully crafted goth appearance isolates her from her peers and family, but maybe what she really needs is someone to talk to."
I'm excited to see how they'll portray Nico's Wiccan powers. Will they have the Staff of One? Also, who will be the friend that Nico will confide in? In the comics it was Alex, but I am curious if they will change that for the show. VirginiaGardner Virginia Gardner - Karolina Dean
"Model-perfect exterior with a lot going on behind her professionally whitened smile, is burdened by the lofty expectations and responsibilities put upon her by her parents. Underneath her veneer of privilege and perfection, Karolina is experiencing a newfound eagerness to explore her identity and pursue her own desires."
Karolina is my favorite character in the Runaways, and one of my favorite Marvel characters. In the comics I loved her transformation while finding her identity, but I felt that we didn't spend enough time with the version of Karolina before the Runaways. I hope we see more of this time period in the show! ArielaBarerHeadshot Ariela Barer - Gert Yorkes
"A purple-haired, bespectacled, contemporary riot grrrl. Never passing up a moment to stand on a soapbox, Gert sometimes wields her persona as a brash social justice warrior to mask her true feelings."
Perfect description of Gert in the comics! I hope the actress dyes her hair purple. GregSulkinHS Gregg Sulking - Chase Stein
"A lacrosse-playing, high school heartthrob. While many write him off as a dumb jock, Chase exhibits flashes of untapped brilliance in engineering, not unlike his wildly successful father’s."
In the comics you can tell Chase was a jock-like character, but we didn't spend much time with him as a jock. It looks like this will change in the show.
Allegra Acosta - Molly Hernandez
"The youngest and most innocent member of her friend group, is known for her peppy positivity and a deep yearning to belong."
Molly seems to be the character they changed the most for the TV show. She seems to be a bit older than her comic book counterpart, and of course they won't be able to make her a mutant. Are you excited about the new Marvel television show? Let us know your thoughts on the Runaways cast in the comments below!


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