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Humble Bundle Returns With Frozen Synapse

The ever popular Humble Bundle is back with a pay-what-you-want deal on the "Simultaneous Turn-based Strategy" game Frozen Synapse.  As always with the Humble Bundle, there's an even better deal awaiting if you cough up a few extra dollars to support these indie developers and gaming charities.

Any money you spend will be split between the Humble Bundle team, the indie game developers, and two charities: Child's Play which is run by Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation which supports many worthy digital causes.  Gamers who donate can choose how their money will be divided up.
While you could pay just a dollar, if you pay more than the average ($3.87 as of this writing) you'll also get five extra games from the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle which includes Trine, Shadowgrounds, along with its sequel Shadowgrounds: Survivor, as well as Splot, and the prototype of Jack Claw.  The games are all DRM-free, and available for Mac, PC, Unix, and Windows.  You can get the Frozen Synapse Bundle at HumbleBundle.com, and you can learn more about the charities supported at the ChildsPlayCharity.org, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.

Check out a video of Frozen Synapse in action below, and read our review HERE.


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